What is Brokering?

Brokering really is the Marketing and Sale of excess or disposable Modular Assets by a independent '3rd Party' for the benefit of the seller. Used Modulars has over 150+ Vendors and clients we market modular units to.

What are the Benefits?

The ownership at Used Modulars has over 30 years of combined experience in the Modular Industry and are the 'Go To' Company in Canada with many Vendors and Clients for Brokering Services.

What do you Charge?

Used Modulars Canada Ltd charges a percentage of the cost of the transaction of your Modular Units based on a successful sale. Fee's start at 10% and graduate lower based on value of the portfolio.

How do I get Started?

If You have Modular Assets in your Inventory, available for sale , Contact Us and let us know and we would be pleased to provide a 'market value' assessments and next steps.

modular brokering service- used modulars Canada Ltd
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